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Land of Israel


Israel is a state integrated with an abundance of ingenuity in agriculture. Being one of the prime leaders of agriscience (the integration of science in agriculture) in the middle-eastern world, they have developed many of the farming techniques that countries around the world implement today. Israel is a land rich with culture and has, in essence, put the “culture” in “agriculture.” Extending this culture has inspired the Messer Arena and Event Center to keep the excitement of learning equine performance and agricultural technology within the hearts of those around the globe… everywhere from the flourishing state of Israel to right here in Colorado!

In the heart of the desert

Kibbutz Sde Boker is a scientific breakthrough! Right in the middle of the desert sits this flourishing establishment, full of lively animals and tons of greenery. Through agriscience, Israel has been able to create springs of water right in the desert, and this is only one of many advancements in agriculture all thought out the land of Israel.


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