Samuel Allen to resign as chairman of John Deere

After a 45-year career, the chairman of the Deere & Co. Board of Directors, Samuel R. Allen has elected to retire as chairman on May 1.

To replace him, the Deere board has elected John C. May - the company’s chief executive officer.

According to the company, Allen has been chairman of the board of directors since 2010 and

served as the company's chief executive officer from 2009 to 2019.

May was named CEO in November 2019, becoming that company’s 10th CEO.

“As a result of Sam’s leadership and vision, John Deere has developed a more dynamic business model and is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the demographic and technological trends that are defining the future of our businesses,” said May.

Deere & Co. says says Allen led the company to record growth and success. Over his decade of leadership, the company expanded its customer base, increased its global footprint, and made major gains in innovation and precision technologies.