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Locusts disappear from Nepal

The authorities in Nepal have breathed a sigh of relief after desert locusts that left a trail of destruction in Africa and western Asia suddenly disappeared.

The locust invasion, which was seen as a major threat to crops this summer has not been reported anywhere in the country for the last few days, authorities.

This has been attributed to the movement of monsoon winds from the east, and comparatively lower temperatures due to rain.

“It seems they all are lost somewhere,” said Ram Krishna Subedi, senior plant protection officer at the Plant Quarantine and Pesticide Management Centre under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development.

“They are nowhere to be seen in swarms nor are their activities being reported. They are either isolated or have died.”

Several swarms of the crop-damaging insects were reported to have entered the country on different dates beginning from June 27.

It was estimated that around eight million locusts in six swarms may have broken off from a larger swarm and entered Nepal from India.

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