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John Deere updates 7R tractor line and introduces 4M heavy duty tractor

John Deere has updated its lineup of 7R tractors for model year 2020.

In a recent announcemt, the company said that seven models are available from 210 to 330 horsepower and provide the size and horsepower options for diversified crop and livestock producers, commercial hay growers and transport operations.

To enhance operator comfort, John Deere added an all-new cab that has an automotive-inspired interior in which the operator has wide-open access to controls

Customers can choose from three Comfort and Convenience cab packages including Select, Premium and Ultimate.

The Ultimate cab includes an exclusive new leather seat with electronic adjustment, heating, ventilation and massage features, smartphone integration with a 6.5-inch touchscreen display and multi-speaker system.

Three visibility packages are offered - a smooth-shifting e23 PowerShift transmission is standard and can handle sudden, high-torque power loads while maintaining responsive, quick and smooth shifts.

Three modes of operation can automate gear selection and RPMs to keep the desired ground speed maintained based on load or customers can choose the optional Infinitely Variable Transmission.

According to John Deere, when customers equip a 7R tractor with the IVT and add the optional CommandPRO, they gain powerful, smooth, efficient tractor control.

The ergonomic CommandPRO multi-function control lever puts tractor speed, direction and implement control in the palm of the operator’s hand.

Eleven reconfigurable buttons can be customized to fit the work being done.

Meanwhile, John Deere has also announced the launch of the new John Deere 4M Heavy-Duty tractor.

Designed with commercial customers and large property owners in mind, the company said that the new 4M Heavy-Duty delivers all the performance customers demand from their utility tractor in a compact, easy to use package.

“The 4M Heavy-Duty tractor was designed with versatility and ease of use in mind. With this unit we had three main objectives – increase visibility, provide industry leading maneuverability and reduce downtime related to changing attachments,” said DeMark Cole, John Deere product marketing manager. “With this tractor, we’ve achieved all of these objectives and we look forward to getting our customers in the seats.”

The new 4M Heavy-Duty is backed by a full machine standard two-year warranty, which promises to fix any defects in materials and workmanship for two years after delivery, or 2,000 hours.

Additionally, the 4M HD’s powertrain is covered by a six-year, 2,000-hour warranty.

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