Canada Resumes Beef Trade To China

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CAA), on November 6, announced that effective immediately, Canadian meat export certificates to China will be resumed.

“The Canadian beef industry looks forward to the resumption of trade and continuing to build the long-standing Canada-China trade relationship,” said Bob Lowe, CCA Vice President and Chair of the Foreign Trade committee. The CCA thanks the Governments of Canada and China for their work in resolving the issue.

Export certificates for Canadian meat were halted on June 25th, 2019 due to the discovery of non-compliant pork claiming to be Canadian.

Since June, CCA has been actively engaged in discussions with government officials to help assure China of the safety of Canadian beef in order to resume access as soon as possible.

The Government of Canada completed an investigation and submitted an Action Plan that has led to the re-establishment of exports to China.

All establishments eligible to export as of June 25, 2019 are once again eligible.

Shipments of Canadian beef to China represented 2.6 percent of Canada’s total beef